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The Company PROSALV SRL Buzau was founded in 1994 and was established under Law no. 31/1990 in its current form, with the legal status of a limited liability company.

Since its inception, PROSALV activated in the field of SCBA-Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, protecting airways with compressed air, our experts having a rich experience in this field since 1985. Thus, the RA-60 SCBA, the first Romanian self-contained breathing apparatus - SCBA, was approved and endorsed by the Fire Forces Command and bore the CS marking.

The main product of the company PROSALV – the self-contained breathing apparatus, SCBA type ARIAC – was originally made based on the design theme issued by the Inspectorate General of Military Firefighters Corps (currently General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) to equip firefighter troops. The years that followed have led both to the improvement of the SCBA type ARIAC but also to its diversification. Thus, a number of other respiratory protective devices were designed, approved and certified, such as the escape breathing apparatus type EVAK and those with airline breathing apparatus type AD and type SADAC.

SCBA Self Contained Breathing Appartus Type ARIAC 

SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCBA Self-containing breathing apparatus ARIAC are designed and manufactured by Prosalv Romania according to European Norm EN 137.

SCBA Self-containing open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus ARIAC are used to completely isolate the wearer from breathing in toxic, smoky or low oxygen content environments.

SCBA ARIAC is a self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus with full face mask.

Breathable air is supplied to the wearer by one or two cylinders loaded at a pressure of 200-300 bars. The pressure circuit also consists of a pressure regulator, a warning whistle, two medium pressure hoses with quick couplers, a on-demand valve and a full facemask. Do not use partial masks of half masks.

Approved as required by law for use as individual protective equipment. For use in medium-term interventions in the following cases:

  • high concentration of toxic gases;
  • lack of knowledge pertaining to the type and concentration of gases in the atmosphere;
  • oxygen concentration decrease below 17%.

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SCBA description

description scba

SCBA - Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus is composed of folowing parts (EN 134):

  • compressed air cylinder
  • cylinder valve
  • pressure reducer
  • medium pressure conecting tube
  • pressure gauge
  • pressure gauge tube
  • facepiece
  • demand valve
  • warning device
  • body harness

The SCBA - Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus contains compressed air at 200 bars pressure in cylinders. The apparatus may be equipped with one cylinder of Ø114, Ø140 or Ø168 with 3, 4, 6 or 9 liters capacity.

The compressed air flows through the connectors by opening the cylinder valves. The compressed air goes in the high-pressure compartment of the pressure reducer and drops the pressure to max. 10 bars. The demand valve provides breathable air and sufficient airflow.

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Choosing SCBA or other Breathing Apparatus

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) are respiratory protective devices that completely insulate the wearer from the environment, the air being stored in cylinders at pressures of 200-300 bars.

Filtering respiratory protective devices use environmental “air” for breathing, after passing it through appropriate filters to retain pollutants.

Choosing respiratory protective devices, SCBA or filterimg is a complex activity. Reliance on appropriate integrated safeguards is generally the first choice to reduce exposures. These measures protect everyone in the workplace while respiratory protective devices protect only the person wearing them. When appropriate source protection or other administrative measures are not reasonably possible or when deemed insufficient to limit exposure by inhalation, proper respiratory protective devices should be used.

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Escape Breathing Apparatus

The escape breathing apparatus is used for evacuation from fire fighting areas, from areas containing toxic gases, or from oxygen deficient areas in various business sectors (industrial, marine, military, and so on) – it is not used for routine (interventions) or rescue activities – in the temperature range of -30°C to +60°C. The breathing apparatus is not used in un derwater work or in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Airline Breathing Apparatus

The airline breathing apparatus, hereinafter referred to as “ADPSV apparatus”, is used for long-term interventions or work in toxic areas or in other oxygen deficient environments from various business sectors. AD-PSV is designed to be used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. The AD-PSV apparatus is mobile, and is equipped with a transport cart on which compressed air cylinders are moved, a connection hose whose length allows users to move away from the cylinder holder (approximately up to 50 m) and to go in inaccessible places, and any other apparatus components.